As you guessed, my name is Ingrid, and I love playing with light, color, texture and pattern through the medium of photography. As a trained classical musician, I believe visual art, like music, has the power to transform both mood and mindset.

I learned the basics of darkroom photography back in high school, shooting with an old school Konika SLR. After a 20 year hiatus, I resumed shooting, my focus primarily pet photography. When I added a macro lens to my camera bag, it literally opened my eyes to a new world. My images are now captured with a variety of digital or film cameras and lenses, and edited in my digital darkroom.

Many of my images I capture on my daily walks. By slowing down, I notice details I might otherwise miss. I am most inspired, and humbled, by the beauty and fragility of nature in all her seasons. I’m also intrigued by urban landscapes, objects with history and imperfection. My style is ever evolving, shaped by new techniques, experimentation, introspection and art across all genres.

My work is currently available at the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago and Ayla’s Beads in Evanston.

I welcome inquires for wholesale or consignment, and offer custom collection creation. Please contact me for details.

View my pet portraits.

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